Using FHIR with Google Cloud, BigQuery, and the AI Platform


From our XLSForm definitions in Ona Data to our JSON Forms in OpenSRP, the work we do at Ona is built upon community driven standards. As we further integrate HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) into OpenSRP, we’ve been exploring the existing tooling available. In this post we’ll dive into the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Healthcare offering and run through an example where we:

  • Generate representative patient data in the STU3 FHIR format,
  • Load that patient data into a FHIR store,
  • Observe data in the FHIR store using BigQuery,
  • Visualize and analyze those queries in the AI Platform.
  • Export charts and machine learning models.

gcp service flow

Our GLOVE approach to healthcare analytics transfers to other platforms and toolsets as the situation requires, including on-premise hardware. GCP lets us quickly set up a workflow to prototype new ways of exploring healthcare data. OpenSRP lets us ensure that, whether gathered at a household or in a facility, the data we are collecting has a well defined and FHIR compatible data structure.

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Clojure & JavaScript Higher-order Functions


It was not easy for me to learn JavaScript. And when it came to learning higher-order functions, I had to take a break — literally get up and take a walk around the block — because I couldn’t seem to understand it. But through my pain, I’ve put together a short guide that hopefully makes it clearer for you.

Higher-order functions are functions that take other functions as arguments or return them as output, as opposed to normal functions that take as arguments and return non-functions. Functions that are passed as an argument to another function are what we refer to as callback functions. In this post we learn about higher-order functions through examples in JavaScript and Clojure, two functional languages with very different syntax.

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Plotting Real-Time Locations with Mapbox


Real-time Map

In this post we will leverage Mapbox’s real time live data plotting abilities to track the International Space Station (ISS) location on a map in real time. Real-time mapping and geolocation tracking is a core feature for web and mobile applications across many industries. In simpler words, this feature detects and streams location data to a live map, and shows the location update as it changes in the real world.

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WFP Launches Its Global Data Collection Platform 'MoDa' Powered by Ona!


WFP Home page

WFP MoDA homepage

We are thrilled to announce that last week, the World Food Programme launched a new data collection platform, MoDa, powered by Ona. The platform will be rolled out to over 83 WFP country offices and will be the main platform for data collection for WFP.

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Ona United F.C.


Ona vs Gro Intelligence Teams

Nairobi football (and technology) powerhouses Ona United F.C. and Gro Intelligence battled it out on the pitch this past Thursday. No one kept score and it was all smiles at the end. Thanks to everyone for participating, and we’re looking forward to the next match!