Megan Schroeder -

We are Sunsetting Ona Collect

We will be retiring Ona Collect and removing it from the Google Play Store on August 1, 2018. We understand that a number of you still use Ona Collect, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. However, we feel that Ona Collect cannot keep up with the rapid development and updates that can improve your data quality and data collection experience that ODK Collect is providing.

We launched Ona Collect in late 2015. The initial Ona Collect was a tweaked version of ODK Collect created especially for Ona Users, allowing users to sign in with their Ona credentials to access forms without configuring server settings. Our goal was to add new features important to Ona users that weren’t being addressed by the ODK community.

As we worked through our roadmap, it became clear the ODK community had similar needs. And, after concurrently contributing to ODK and working on Ona Collect for the past few years, we are convinced that improving ODK Collect is the best way to build useful tools.

Ona is, and will remain, closely involved with Open Data Kit projects, including ODK Collect. Dickson Ukang’a, Head of Engineering, is a member of the Open Data Kit Technical Steering Committee, which is responsible for high-level technical direction and making feature roadmap decisions. Ona is also a contributor and maintainer of pyxform, the main tool used by the ODK community to transform XLSForms to XForms.

What to do if you are using Ona Collect

As users get ready for the retirement of Ona Collect on August 1, 2018, we recommend you start to transition your process from using Ona Collect to ODK Collect. To learn more about how to collect data using ODK Collect, please take a look at our data collection guide. You will learn how to download, install, configure, and use ODK Collect.

If you still have additional question or concerns, reach out to us on the Ona Community forum or email if you are on a paid account.