Ona This Month March 2017 Newsletter



What’s new?

New Pricing Plans

We launched new pricing plans last week. To celebrate, we are giving out 14 extra days free when you upgrade your account to any paid plan. The new plans are configured to provide more value at a competitive price. For example, filtered datasets and Ona App integrations can be had for as low as $99. Check out our new pricing plans and send an email to sales@ona.io to claim your 14 free days.

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New Ona Pricing Plans Starting March 1


We are introducing new pricing plans that are effective March 1. Since launching pricing plans in 2015, we’ve seen exciting growth and have responded to feedback by building features like better charts and mapping, an online form builder, integrations, etc. We’ve also used this time to review our pricing plans with the goal of providing maximum value while charging a fair price that allows us to continue improving.

Here are the new plans:


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Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group Meetup on March 4th


Come join the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group meetup on Saturday, March 4th at the Ona Kenya office from 4PM to 7PM EAT. Ona engineer, Njagi Mwaniki will be giving a 30-minute talk on a bot he made for the group’s IRC channel using Haskell. His talk will be followed by an open discussion session. Snacks will be served.

A summary of the meetup will be posted on the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group website.

When: Saturday, 4 March from 4pm – 7pm EAT

Where: Ona Kenya, Studio House, 2nd Floor

map image

Assign Granular Permissions to Forms


Restricting access to data is key in certain situations. For example, you might be collecting sensitive information and don’t want enumerators to see one another’s data. As a result, we introduced role-based permission restrictions to give you control over who among the collaborators can view and edit their data. This article will show you how to set these permissions on your project.

Previously, permission levels were limited to projects, not individual forms. With role-based restrictions, administrators can assign access levels in each survey form. For each form you have these options:


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How We Helped Verify Water Points in Rural Tanzania with Ona, ODK, and OpenMapKit


Tanzania operates one of the world’s largest rural water schemes with over 80,000 public water points. To improve access to water in rural areas, DFID is supporting the Government of Tanzania through a payments-based results (PbR) scheme intended to incentivize local government authorities (LGAs) to maintain existing water points and build new ones where they are needed. This scheme is part of the twenty-year Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP), which aims to improve access to and sustainability of improved rural and urban water supplies.

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