Roger Wong -

Introducing the Ona Community mailing list

While our chefs are working hard away on the upcoming version of Ona, we wanted to introduce a new resource for our growing community of users: the Ona Community mailing list. All are welcome!

Already, we’re seeing Ona being used in a number of creative ways to make a difference. We hope this community becomes a place where you can share your experiences, recipes for success!, and learn from others. We also greatly value your input. Hearing first hand what is working and what isn’t - provides invaluable feedback to our team of designers and engineers working hard to bring you a world class service.

We will still maintain the email service for urgent support issues, but we might share the support request on the mailing list if we feel it would be useful for other users. If you’re interested in having access to dedicated support for your project, please email for more information on our paid plans.

Roger is a Co-founder and Designer at Ona