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William Knows Front End

William knows front-end

William Mucheru joined our Nairobi office as a front-end engineer a few months ago. As a designer with a background in writing code, he is in the unique position of bringing our features to life through intuitive interfaces and user experiences. William’s interests lie in UI research and creating new tools like the automatic Student ID generator he built at the University of Nairobi. When he is not designing or programming, he can be found on a football field, playing Burn Out, or sitting in Ona's lobby listening to music.

William in his own words: “Since I joined Ona, I have been on a steep learning curve, moving away from basic technologies to newer ones such as Python, Django and Pyramid frameworks, and trying out new UI frameworks and Database & Mapping technologies (Postgres, PostGIS and GeoJSON). Everyday presents a new opportunity for growth. Working with Roger has been inspiring as he challenges me to take bolder directions in design. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from the team.”

Roger is a Co-founder and Designer at Ona