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My Random Day by Mark E


Mapbox, Fabric, Pyramid, Django and Django Rest Framework, Clojure and Clojurescript, Ansible and Vagrant are the technologies I've used at Ona that I remember from the top of my head. Polygot and proud!

Daily Nation & The East African
Creative Commons/ Flickr:kikus

Whether or not I watched news the previous night, I like reading the current day's newspaper in the morning before working on an issue.

Creative Commons/ Flickr:stevensnodgrass

Git is Ona's version control tool of choice. My normal cycle on Git involves:

  • Branch from Master
  • ABC = Always Be Committing. Work on the issue and write tests. Git commits are prefixed with the initials of the implementer(s): a smart way to git blame ;-).
  • Rebase with latest Master on completion
  • Make pull request for review.
  • Cross fingers and hope Travis or Drone (continuous integration platforms) renders a green light
  • Code reviews by or (these are humans, not continuous integration platforms) to ensure no cowboy code gets merged back to master


Peter is always online on Hipchat. There's a folk tale that Peter once answered Roy's question before Roy had even completed typing it!


Since all work no play makes Jack a dull boy, we sometimes participate in non-work related activities. We did a Stanchart marathon and the team came to watch my choir, Nairobi Chamber Chorus, perform. Above is all of the photos we have from a six-aside football tournament we went to. I can't remember if we don't have more pictures because we were too busy dominating the competition or if it was just too hot to take pictures.


A day at Ona is not complete without Sylvia's coffee. Not in picture: Sylvia.

no finish line
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When I get a chance to catch a matatu with Dickson at the end of the day, I use this opportunity to ask tech questions although the loud music in the graffitied mini-bus puts a damper on free-flowing dialogue.

And that's been my experience at Ona so far.

Mark is a Software Engineer at Ona