Matt Berg -

GitHub Usage in Africa 2015

Map of GitHub Users in Africa

We're excited to announce the release of an updated map of GitHub Users in Africa. Since 2013 when we created the first map the amount of GitHub users in Africa has increased from roughly 4,000 to 12,000! That's still quite small compared to other regions of the world but exciting growth in the right direction! If you are a developer in Africa and want to ensure you are counted in this map update your profile to include an African country and/or city in your user profile.

This is a part of the CodeAfrica Initiative that Ona supports. We will announce more about the CodeAfrica initiative in the upcoming coming.

Special thanks to our close friend Renaud Gaudin of Yeleman in Bamako, Mali who helped us generate the data to create this map.

The full map with country by user stats can be seen here.

Matt is a Co-founder and CEO at Ona