3,725 Health Posts Mapped in Jakarta in a Massive Grassroots Empowerment Effort


Health posts in Jakarta mapped by PKK.

We caught up with Renold Lim, a volunteer at Jakarta-based grassroots organization Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK), which aims to improve health services to the urban poor by sharing data about the realities of street-level health services. It is a colossal effort. Given that the city of 10 million has 400,000 poor residents, it requires coordinating and training over 1,200 volunteer data collectors to map data from 3,725 health facilities. They’ve managed to do this successfully — so far their efforts have resulted in more funding, new equipment, and government buy-in. In this short interview, Renold shares some tips for making the process go smoothly and what works at scale.

ONA: Please tell us about your organization and what you’re trying to do

RENOLD LIM: PKK is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Jakarta. Our mission is empowerment for family welfare and we have existed for over 45 years. Our activities include organizing pre-school education for the poor, running vocational classes for women, and advocating for public spaces in low-income areas. An ex-government official runs it. I got involved in March 2016. I was a volunteer at the Office of the [Jakarta] Governor and was introduced to the governor’s wife, who is involved with PKK.

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How to Increase Security by Encrypting Form Data


Encrypting form data incorporates an added level of security by making your data private, unreadable, and tamper-proof. This security mechanism can help you meet strict data privacy requirements sometimes set by ethical review boards for research studies. For example, you should encrypt data if you have surveys on highly sensitive topics like domestic violence and want to take all precautions so data isn’t available to unintended people. This article will show you how to encrypt form data and how to decrypt the data for analysis.

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Ona This Month March 2017 Newsletter



What’s new?

New Pricing Plans

We launched new pricing plans last week. To celebrate, we are giving out 14 extra days free when you upgrade your account to any paid plan. The new plans are configured to provide more value at a competitive price. For example, filtered datasets and Ona App integrations can be had for as low as $99. Check out our new pricing plans and send an email to sales@ona.io to claim your 14 free days.

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New Ona Pricing Plans Starting March 1


We are introducing new pricing plans that are effective March 1. Since launching pricing plans in 2015, we’ve seen exciting growth and have responded to feedback by building features like better charts and mapping, an online form builder, integrations, etc. We’ve also used this time to review our pricing plans with the goal of providing maximum value while charging a fair price that allows us to continue improving.

Here are the new plans:


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Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group Meetup on March 4th


Come join the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group meetup on Saturday, March 4th at the Ona Kenya office from 4PM to 7PM EAT. Ona engineer, Njagi Mwaniki will be giving a 30-minute talk on a bot he made for the group’s IRC channel using Haskell. His talk will be followed by an open discussion session. Snacks will be served.

A summary of the meetup will be posted on the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group website.

When: Saturday, 4 March from 4pm – 7pm EAT

Where: Ona Kenya, Studio House, 2nd Floor

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