High-resolution satellite basemap new in Ona maps



We are excited to announce the addition of a high-resolution satellite basemap from DigitalGlobe. This will provide over 150 million square kilometers of the earth’s surface in astonishing clarity. DigitalGlobe offers the highest resolution (it’s the only company that offers 30 cm resolution imagery) and most up-to-date satellite imagery available on the market. It’s a big investment, but one we are happy to make if it helps our users see the world more clearly.

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UNICEF Innovation Fund Invests in OpenSRP!


UNICEF Innovation funds OpenSRP

We’re thrilled to share that the UNICEF Innovation Fund has chosen to invest in OpenSRP as one of their inaugural five technology investments. Their investment will support our partner, mPower, in using OpenSRP to expand their pioneering work to improve vaccine coverage in Bangladesh. Working with John Hopkin’s University, mPower will strengthen OpenSRP’s integration with RapidPro and continue to develop Aleena, the health assistant bot we have been developing. The goal is to continue to work closely with Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health to scale OpenSRP nationally.

We’re excited to welcome UNICEF to the OpenSRP community, which consists of leading global health researchers and technology partners. UNICEF will be a vital partner in combining science and technology to improve the well-being of women and children worldwide.

Some of the OpenSRP team and Ona Part of the OpenSRP technical team during a sprint at Ona’s Nairobi office

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Make Your Forms Multilingual


multilingual header image

Did you know you can develop an Ona survey that can be read in multiple languages? It is increasingly common for researchers to capture feedback from different regions with a diversity of languages. Since comprehending survey questions is a pivotal need for high quality responses, we recommend building surveys in the local language of enumerators and respondents. Whether you need a survey in English, Swahili, and French — or all three — you can easily create a multilingual survey while authoring your XLSForm.

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Python Expose Meetup is coming to the Ona Kenya office in early December


python nairobi banner

If you enjoyed the last Python Expose Meetup, then you definitely can’t miss out on the next one on 3rd December in our Nairobi office.

Join James Maringa and Frankie Onuonga for a lively discussion about:

  • Comparisons between basic Python data structures — including looking at fundamental and semantic differences, internal implementation needs, costs of operations, and memory and CPU cost/benefit evaluations.
  • The options you have for speeding up your Python code and the different circumstances in which each option can be used.
  • How to write an application the Python way.
  • How to write and use Python descriptors.

When: Saturday, 3rd December from 9am – 1pm EAT

Where: Ona Kenya, Studio House, 2nd Floor

map image

RSVP on the Python Expose Meetup page.

Ona Mannequin Challenge


Mannequin challenge? Yes please! The Ona team took a break from all the hard engineering work to join in on the mannequin challenge.