Upcoming: vector tile map support on Ona


Launching Vector Tile map support

One of the key items on the Ona road map this year is to improve our map view. We are happy to announce that Ona will soon be introducing a new way to visualize maps by enabling support for vector tile maps. Here is a sneak peek at what this will change on Ona maps.

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Introducing Ona Apps


Introducing Ona Apps

After months of coding, QA, and refinement, we are excited to announce the launch of Ona Apps!

While we thrive to create simple and robust tools to visualize and use your data, we realize there are other tools for your unique tasks. Choice, after all, is a great thing.

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XLSForm Webinar Recap


The XLSForm live webinar that took place on the 29th of June was a big success! With slightly over 100 attendees, the audience included a mix of both Ona users and other data tool users, all with a desire to learn more about XLSForm authoring.

Hosted by Ona Support Manager, Sylvia Musula, the comprehensive 45 minute session was a crash course that transformed XLSForm authoring beginners to pros. The webinar covered everything from basics like form syntax, question types, and validation checks, to advanced topics like grouping questions, appearance attributes, CSV uploads, and much more.

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Welcome Mek and Chantal!


New additions to Ona!

It’s always exciting to announce our new additions. Introducing Mekdim Ashebo and Chantal Openda, our recent inclusions to the Ona team.

Mek is an exciting chap who’s joined Ona as a software engineer and is working on a project involving RapidPro, a technology platform that lets you create SMS-based apps. Together with a bot he built, RapidPro will make it easier for mothers to be informed about their child’s development progress. A junior at Harvard University, Mek has a background in electronics engineering and has a keen interest in math and computer science. He was previously a research assistant in a photonics physics lab at Harvard. A little something to know about Mek is he is astoundingly good at soccer. Rumor has it he once challenged Christiano Ronaldo to a friendly and won! Aside from soccer, he is passionate about running and has medals to flaunt for winning a few 100m sprint competitions.

Chantal has joined Ona as a growth and marketing associate. She is currently working on making Ona reachable online, so be sure to follow and interact with us on our social media pages. Through her, we are aspiring to make our efforts more customer focused than before. She was previously a business development executive at a Nairobi-based startup that represented Kenya and won at the 2015 Startup Istanbul Challenge. With 6 years experience in B2B sales & marketing and having served in various industries, she is looking forward to taking Ona to another level. She’s also a firm believer that children born with a disability have equal rights to life, a female children’s activist striving to empower African women, and a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. When she’s not trying to change the world, you’ll find her spending time with her son Taiden or working on her yoga poses.

We look forward to greater heights with the addition of these two vital roles.

Welcome Mek and Chantal!

Ona now fully supports HXL


Ona Supports HXL

We are really excited to announce that Ona now fully supports the Humanitarian Exchange Language, or HXL. HXL is designed to improve information sharing during a humanitarian crisis by creating a simple way to promote interoperablity of data. It does this through an ingenius approach of coding data through hashmarks (#), similar to Twitter.

Part of our mission at Ona is to promote better coordination of aid and humanitarian efforts. Key to this is achieving a common understanding of data. Data standards like HXL go a long way towards helping groups be on the same page about “what” the data is about. This allows data to be easily aggregated into common indicators and fed into data exchange platforms like HDX. We feel equally passionate about the challenge of shared location data and feel OpenStreetMap has a huge role to play here, especially as a “check-in” service.

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