The Ona unlimited free trial is ending tomorrow!


The 3 week free trial for Ona is ending tomorrow and we’ll be enabling usage limits for users who have not signed up for a paid plan.

Starting tomorrow, users with personal accounts that are not on a paid plan will be transitioned to the free Community plan. This plan has a limit of 500 submissions total to private forms per month, 15 private forms, and 1 private project. Public project and forms, and submissions to public forms are unlimited.

Organization accounts that are not on a paid plan will be transitioned to the free Public Organization account. This plan allows unlimited public projects and forms, unlimited submissions to public forms, and no private projects or forms.

If you have existing forms on Ona that put you over your account limits, you will have limited access to your forms and account. For more information on what to do if you are over limit, read the over usage limit FAQ on our help page.

If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested in upgrading to a paid plan, please visit the Ona Plans page and contact us using the form. We’ll work with you to determine a pricing level for your use. If you aren’t grant-funded, you can also apply for the Impact Grant Program , which gives free Ona access and support to organizations who are making a difference and might have difficulty paying.




This post will tell you everything you need to know about creating, sharing, managing, and getting the most out of your projects in Ona.

What is a project?

In Ona, a project is where your related forms and data are stored. Projects can hold as many forms and data as your plan allows. When you first log in to Ona, your home page displays a list of all of your projects as well as any projects that have been shared with you (more on that later). If you used the old version of Ona, then you probably noticed that when you first logged in to the new Ona site, all of your existing forms and data were automatically placed into your first project, which was called [Your username]’s Project. Don’t worry! You can always move your forms and data into other projects later on.

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Announcing Ona 2


Happy 2.0 Ona with rainbow sprinkles

We launched Ona 2 today! In our previous announcements here, here, and on our release log, we described the new features in Ona 2. There’s also a Getting Started guide that will show you, well, how to get started, and what has changed from the previous version of Ona. If you have questions on the transition, please email

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Nairobi Functional Programming Meetup 3


Photo of the presentation.

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of hosting the third Nairobi Functional Programming Meetup, with Larry Weya giving a brief introduction to Erlang & Elixir, and sharing his experience using the platform as part of the team behind eCitizen.

In what is emerging as a pattern, the post-talk conversations were as illuminating as the talk itself. We’re planning a hands-on workshop for the next meetup, so if that sounds like the sort of thing you’d enjoy, head over to our Meetup page and sign up for updates. See you next time!

Ona Pricing Announcement


Dear Ona Community,

For the past 18 months, we’ve provided Ona as a free service while at the same time adding features and providing support. We’ve added permissions, better visualizations and more management features to our beta site. We also have new exciting features in the works.

Beginning October 1st, we will begin limiting the free service level to 500 monthly private form submissions and 500 MB attachment storage. Usage beyond those limits will require a paid account. All data in public datasets will remain free, forever.

We are accepting paid signups for the Ona service immediately. Signing up now gives you immediate access to a world class support team and qualifies you for an early adopter discount. To get started, visit the upgrade page and we will work with you to develop a pricing plan that meets your specific usage and support needs.

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