Riveting Introduction to Flake8


Recently, I was learning about tools that make me a better Python developer. Having previously had the mindset that having a strong enough skill-set would reduce your chances of having linting issues within your code, I was in shock to realize that other factors were in play too. At the time, I had just heard about linting, but never really got around to finding out how to actually do it, or the tools available that could help you do it.

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Ona is attending the 2019 FHIR Connectathon


FHIR logo

This weekend we will be at the 2019 FHIR Connectathon in San Antonio. If you’re in town, get in touch and let’s meet up! We have always recognized the importance of standards and have been involved in foundational standards building work with XLSForm, RapidSMS, and OpenSRP. In our collaboration with the World Health Organization and our other partners we have been working to further integrate FHIR and its related ecosystem of standards into global health technology platforms.

We’re very excited to connect (pun intended!) with the FHIR community and explore how we can build the future together.

Why we are moving away from Om (and how we decided on our new front-end tech stack)


We recently evaluated the future of our front-end stack. The changes we decided on did not come easy, but we figured it out and wrote this article to walk you through the factors influencing our decision — and explore the directions we could have gone. Our hope is you can benefit from the research we did in case you are choosing or switching the front-end framework for your web application.

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Ona News


What’s New?


Ona Named One of TIME’s 50 “ Genius Companies” 2018

Ona was recently recognized as one of TIME magazine’s inaugural “Top 50 Most Genius Companies” list. This list recognizes innovative businesses that are changing the way we work, live and play.

Ona, one of five African companies selected for the list, was selected for its focus on solving public health and social sector challenges through technology. Using mapping and data technologies from its namesake mobile survey platform, Ona also builds mobile apps such as OpenSRP, which helps frontline health workers deliver services more effectively to rural families. The mapping work, referenced in TIME, is the result of a four-year partnership with Zambia-based Akros, mPower, SDI, WHO, IRD, SID, and JHU to co-develop mSpray, an innovative approach to support precision service delivery. Ona also created Canopy, an enterprise data analytics and visualization platform, specifically to support the needs of humanitarian and international development organizations.

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Ona Data Platform

As part of improving our privacy and security policy we have added an email verification step in the signup process. Email verification adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring you to verify the email address that is tied to your Ona account. All new user accounts will be required to verify their email address by clicking the email verification link that is sent to your email after creating an account. For existing user accounts that have not verified their email address, a message prompting you to verify your email will appear on the homepage of your Ona account when you log in. Unverified user accounts will not be able to contact us via chat or email. For any related issues, please email support@ona.io.

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The Better Immunization Data Story


Ona’s involvement in PATH’s BID Initiative began in January 2017, when we started developing the Zambia Electronic Immunization Register (ZEIR), in partnership with PATH, Zambia MOH, and BlueCode. ZEIR, built on top of OpenSRP, targets nurses and other frontline health workers in Zambia to help them track immunizations and identify missed children.

Read about the entire experience in PATH’s The BID Story, which includes perspectives from Matt Berg, Ona’s CEO, and other key stakeholders in the initiative. See how ZEIR led to a 27% increase in health workers’ ability to identify vaccine defaulters.