Introducing online payments for Ona subscriptions


Giving users more control over their subscriptions has been a priority for us. Effective immediately, Ona users can pay for a plan and manage the subscription entirely online. In other words, as much as we like receiving your emails, you no longer have to email us to pay for a plan if you’re using a debit or credit card.

We’ve replaced the Billing tab with a Plan tab in your account settings. The Plan tab is where you can upgrade, change plans, view previous invoices, and update your payment method. We’ve also added a direct link in the account dropdown:

Currently, this process supports debit and credit card payments. The billing options supported article has more information about alternative payment options. If you are currently on a paid subscription, you can change your plan as explained in the payments and billing guide.

If you have any questions or concerns, please read more in our payments and billing section or email

Ona At Mapbox Locate


On May 30th to 21st we attended the MapBox Locate conference in San Francisco. It was great to hear about all their new initiatives. We’re glad to have been part of the journey as MapBox expanded from Development Seed into the company it is today.

We took over the Community Booth to present our work on the Gisida library, a declarative approach to define common data map visualizations, such as choropleth maps, using just JSON (no JavaScript skills required).

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OpenSRP named a Global Good by Digital Square


We are very excited to announce that OpenSRP is now a Global Good! It is wonderful to receive recognition for the years of hard work put in by the many OpenSRP community members and contributors.

OpenSRP was named a winner of Digital Square’s 2018 Notice B Open Proposal round and is now classified as a Global Good. The proposal, titled “Packaging OpenSRP for scale and community-driven national adoption”, was one of 29 proposals that made it to the final round for consideration. Winners receive funding specifically earmarked for core platform improvements and updates and recognition in the ICT4D community as a Global Good. Funding from Digital Square will be used to improve core functionality of the platform and help to better productize the software, making it easier for new groups to join the OpenSRP community and leverage the collective work of its members.

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Automate your Infrastructure by Reusing Terraform Definitions


Terraform is the tool for infrastructure as code that we use at Ona to automate the AWS resources we setup. Terraform can also be used with other cloud infrastructure providers. Find the full list of supported providers here.


Terraform allows us to reuse infrastructure definitions through modules. However, there’s little documentation on how this can be done across environments. As an example, we want to use the same set of definitions to provision OnaData’s production and staging environments. This post will take you through how we were able to achieve this.

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Ona News


What’s new?

Ona and GDPR


The EU has introduced a new data privacy legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be effective as of May 25th, 2018. GDPR will strengthen the privacy rights of EU citizens. To help ensure that Ona is GDPR compliant, we have taken the following actions:

  • We have updated our terms of service.
  • We have carefully reviewed all of our security practices and have worked to put in place the necessary technical and administrative requirements to make us GDPR compliant.
  • We are requiring all users to confirm if they are collecting data on EU citizens. If you are NOT collecting data on EU citizens, you do not have to take further action.
  • If you are collecting data on EU citizens, you will be required you to sign a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to continue to use Ona. If you need a DPA or have questions please contact us at
  • If you are collecting data on EU citizens, we strongly encourage you to consider using encrypted forms.
  • Using public forms to collect any personally identifiable (PII) data on people is now strictly prohibited and will result in your account being immediately suspended.

Your responsibility under GDPR

We can only work to ensure the service we provide you is GDPR compliant. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the practices you follow when collecting data on people meets GDPR standards. We encourage you, for example, to review your practices to ensure you are properly capturing consent and your are following best practices to keep your data secure once you export it out of Ona.

For more information on ensuring your account is GDPR compliant, please see this article.

For more information on how to confirm if you are collecting data on EU citizens, please see this guide.

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