Ona This Month February 2017 Newsletter



What’s new?

Ona Form Builder

A few weeks ago, we launched an online form builder to help you author forms without creating an XLSForm. The initial version had a few limitations. Since then, we’ve added the ability to edit forms you’ve created with the form builder. Check out the help site to learn to use the form builder. Let us know if the online form builder is helpful to you.

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Ona and PATH in Zambia for OpenSRP Immunization Project


The Ona team started the year off right with a productive visit to Livingstone, Zambia, the site of the most recent OpenSRP implementation.

Ona Path Zambia
James Maina (center), a technical project manager at Ona, asks a clinic nurse about her workflow. Photo: PATH/Mali Kambandu

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New Murals in the Nairobi Office


The walls in our Nairobi office are starting to look better! Onto a workroom wall, Roger Wong painted the image from the December newsletter.

Ona mural

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Welcome Erick Ngwiri and Two Familiar Faces!


We’re excited to welcome Erick Ngwiri who is joining Ona as the Director of Client Solutions. Erick will be helping us establish and maintain relationships with our consulting clients and play a key role in helping Ona build amazing software.


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Introducing Ona Form Builder


Form builder

We are thrilled to introduce Ona Form Builder today. XLSForm authoring can be challenging. In response, we have added an online form builder that lets you design Ona forms that include features like ODK question types, form logic, and validation rules. Ona Form Builder is built off an open-source form builder from Kobo.

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