Welcome Darlene!


Welcome Darlene

Meet Darlene Kwamboka, who has joined Ona as a data analyst intern.

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Why you need to start using Google Sheets with Ona


Ona + Google Sheets

Have you been exporting data from Ona and then uploading to Google Sheets? As part of the recent release of Ona Apps, we are excited to announce your life just got easier with our new Google Sheets integration. Ona users can now export data to, and access data directly in, Google Sheets.

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How Forest Carbon uses Ona with R to automate analysis and feedback


We are pleased to share a guest blog post written by Sebastian Persch, Ph.D. who is doing inventive work combining Ona with custom R code.

tablet looking at camera A member of the field team in Laos, collecting data about smallholder farmers. Image courtesy of Forest Carbon.

A lot of people who use Ona for surveying probably know this feeling: You created a survey, did a lot of interviews or measured stuff in the field, downloaded the dataset from the cloud… and then the tedious struggle begins, i.e. the data analysis and subsequently the report writing. Granted, we did not find the “Holy Grail”, but we would like to share two examples of what is possible to improve your quality control, productivity, efficiency, and possibly make your life a little bit easier.

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Welcome Jason and Kipsigei!


Jason and Kip

Last week saw two new members join our cause… introducing Jason Rogena and Kipsigei Cheroigin!

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Welcome Ephraim!


Newbie Ephraim

Newbie Alert!

Introducing Ephraim Muhia who has joined us as a software engineer for OpenSRP — an open-source mobile health platform that allows frontline health workers to electronically register and track the health of their clients.

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