Python Expose Meetup is coming to the Ona Kenya office in early December


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If you enjoyed the last Python Expose Meetup, then you definitely can’t miss out on the next one on 3rd December in our Nairobi office.

Join James Maringa and Frankie Onuonga for a lively discussion about:

  • Comparisons between basic Python data structures — including looking at fundamental and semantic differences, internal implementation needs, costs of operations, and memory and CPU cost/benefit evaluations.
  • The options you have for speeding up your Python code and the different circumstances in which each option can be used.
  • How to write an application the Python way.
  • How to write and use Python descriptors.

When: Saturday, 3rd December from 9am – 1pm EAT

Where: Ona Kenya, Studio House, 2nd Floor

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RSVP on the Python Expose Meetup page.

Ona Mannequin Challenge


Mannequin challenge? Yes please! The Ona team took a break from all the hard engineering work to join in on the mannequin challenge.

Empowering Communities Through Data



Annie Beukes, Data Manager at Slum/Shack Dwellers International (SDI), recently talked to us about why SDI needs a standardized data tool and how they use data to create an impact.

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Dynamic Form Linking with Ona



Recently, we added the ability for a form or filtered dataset to be specified as a media file for another form. Used in conjunction with the pulldata() function, this lets you dynamically link forms together (i.e pull data from one or more active forms to another form). Dynamic form linking upgrades the pulldata() function so that Ona users aren’t limited to pulling data from static CSV files.

How it Works

Suppose you are collecting data in a survey, such as School Registration, where you are actively collecting the names of all registered students. You want to use that information to conduct another survey, the Student Performance survey, which records how each registered student performs on tests.

The registered student list might change on a weekly basis with students leaving and coming in, so using a static CSV file isn’t sufficient. Linking these forms will ensure you can conduct the Student Performance survey in comfort, knowing you will capture scores for every current student.

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Signing Git Commits Using Your GPG Key


For data collection projects we contribute code to, it’s in our best interest to verify the identity of contributors linked to us. The goal is to prevent situations like this totally plausible horror story, where Mike Gerwitz discovered a back door created by his account that he didn’t remember making.

We realize signing Git commits using GPG isn’t a requirement in most projects. It is, however, a nice to have feature — especially in cases where it is important for you to have your identity as the commiter verified and want to prevent an impersonator from going undetected when they submit a commit as you.

Here are instructions on how to set up GPG signing on OSX. Those of us who are Linux users should be able to easily follow.

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